Positivity and Mindset

So so so important.  It took me a while to get there.  Once again I credit Dr Spies who told me that he constantly tells himself “I am in perfect health, I am in perfect health” for about 30 minutes each day.  I started that, especially when I walk, it’s my mantra.  I also do it at night when trying to fall asleep. It probably has more benefit when one is about to fall asleep when tapping into one’s subconscious.

One can sit back and be resigned to dying or do ones utmost to prevent it.  Dr Spies told me that no amount of radiation is going to save you if your mind is not right.  There has always been a debate around why some people survive and some not.  A book that influenced my earlier life and which I can always draw on is Victor Frankl’s study on why certain people survived the concentration camps and others not.  (Victor E Frankl:  Psychotherapy and Existentialism or by the same author: Man’s Search for MeaningThose who survived had something to live for. Those who did not, simply gave up.

You create your own reality

Michaela’s mantra which she has been trying to instil in me for years but it never made sense up to now.  I’ve run out of options and I have to embrace positivity and believe that I create my own reality.  Michaela worked hard on my mental attitude, like these excerpts from emails:

you don’t have to just sit back and accept statistics and words you read on a computer screen….are u really going to hand all your power over to some doctors opinion, some words on the net or other people’s stories?  If you decide you want to live, you have every right. Life doesn’t work how people think, people don’t just die…they agree to die… that is why sometimes people miraculously survive events like car crashes etc, sometimes they actually do die, but decide they don’t want to die, and they come back, its a choice. I feel that you really are going to have to summon up everything you have within you and believe you are going to live. Do not give in or give up. Do not feel like it is out of your control.

Trust the process you are going thru…
it will get easier.
but yes, it will also be challenging. That is why you came to earth in the first place, to be challenged…. and to rise above limitation….
because limitation is an illusion, it doesn’t really exist. We limit ourselves, by our belief systems. Do you know what is the difference between successful people and those who never accomplish their dreams? Successful people believed, and they all had the courage to go for it. It’s the same for those who heal, and those who die from illness. Those who heal- all believed they would, and had the courage to go for it with all they got.

Many people have done it but you only see what you focus on…if you start focusing on the negative- that’s what you will attract.
you decide what you experience
i recommend getting a hold of your energy, getting strong and firmly intending what you want to experience. fill your life with good and positive things only. only read the positive things, keep your goals firmly in sight. you will attract it, that is how it works…maybe you have chosen illness as your way of remembering that and how to do that…..everything is a blessing, and each experience, no matter how hard it seems from our perspective, is actually for our highest growth and evolution. you are growing and evolving 🙂 life is magical 🙂

My biggest motivating factor is of course my girls, they need the love and advice of a mum and are not yet fully financially off my hands.



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