Cortisone (steroids)

I was given a high dose of cortisone when I got diagnosed because there was brain swelling due to the tumour. The total period was about 3 months, including the weaning off period.  I couldn’t understand why I was such a wreck and feeling awful when I left hospital. I always felt worse off coming out of hospital than going in. My children were concerned that I seemed to go in healthy and return totally ill?  I now know why…. here are some of the side effects I’ve experienced.


I cannot sleep and go from a normal 8-9 hour night to about 1-3 hours.  My mind is overactive and I just want to keep going. I feel like cocaine Sally…  I have many late nights and loads of coffee (that lead to the creation of this blog!). I cannot get to sleep in the day.  I just keep going until eventually the wheels come off. I’m concerned that I can’t do the best for my health under the circumstances. Surely brain tumours also need a rest!

Weight gain

Jeez no joke but that stuff puts on an appetite!  I felt like pacman. One can eat a decent meal, get up from the table and be hungry again. And because of the late nights, what is there to do but to munch?

Body shape changes

Have you ever Googled “cortisoid moon face”?  It changes the shape of one’s body which is very hard for a woman who’s always taken care of herself!  I suddenly ended up with a moonface, I felt like a fat little piggy with a paunch (true as bob) and looked like a damn hamster!  Ohhhh I was so embarrassed.  Had to go out and buy new “fat clothes”. The only thing I escaped is “the hunch”.  My back is definitely not as ramrod straight as it used to be and I’m still working on correcting my posture daily but at least I got my face back!


Body shape changes of course come with other issues like excruciating back pain (because of the torso becoming misaligned) and on discharge from hospital I had many physiotherapy sessions, not all equally successful.  Eventually I just gave up and try to live with it today.  As my posture starts to correct and I get back into building strength with Pilates, I’m sure I’ll be able to conquer my backache as well.

Poor bladder control

Run baby run. What more can I say.

Lame long muscles

Shocking – went to a shopping centre and couldn’t walk up the stairs. Hallo… did someone forgot to mention something to me? What has suddenly happened to my legs??

Miss Piggy appears in the photos below.  They’re the most unflattering photos but the story won’t be complete without them…. I have a pretty good idea what it feels like to be a hamster by now 🙂


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