Unfortunately cancer comes with challenges. I’ve been losing hair at a rapid rate, only from radiation.  It is quite shocking in the beginning, all the hair on the floor, on one’s hairbrush, in the shower.  Just bundles of hair coming out during a normal wash.  I quickly realised that I needed to treat my hair with extra care.  I now put a small blob of baby shampoo in my hair after a wash, so that I can comb it through easier.  I also cut off a fair amount to make it look thicker. It’s definitely thinning on the sides and even on top.  I realised I can no longer “sit in the light” because you can just see through my thin hair! My niece told me about coconut oil and I’ve been using it as a mask but I’ve also been warned that I’ll lose all my hair now with the full head radiation I’m going through now.

I’m not a bandanna lady and I won’t ever walk around bald! I have ordered a wig that is closest to my natural colour and style.  Can’t wait!  I’ll post a photo as soon as I receive it!

These new modern day wigs are so lightweight and easy to care for. I opted for synthetic hair which is lighter in weight and I think less warm on the head.  I tried on different styles and designs and am happy with my choice.

I just can’t believe I always took my healthy hair for granted!  I’m used to it now – little bits and pieces of regrowth all over but it was hard in the beginning to get used to.

Below are some photos of my hair from 2008 (mouse over the photos).


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