Mantras for January

I’ve learnt to make a note of the mantras Dr Spies’s report produces.  I copy them to myself via email and try to read them once a day.  Here are my mantras for January:

My brain is healthy. It is able to control all bodily functions properly at all times and to process the information received from the sensory organs quickly, thoroughly and adequately. My memory is very good, as well as my intellectual grasp. I can orientate myself well. Thinking and speaking come easy to me. 
2nd Chakra: The past is always in the past. From today I live only in the present.
My lungs are healthy. Breathing in and out are in optimum balance on the physical level, just as giving and taking on the psychic level. I am happy and in a good mood. I am free, I breathe freely and take in air all the time. I have faith in my life. I can isolate myself where necessary, and am open to contacts. The causal mental / psychic subject has been resolved. All is well

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