Pills and Supplements

I still have to take chemicals like Epilizine (to prevent seizures, which is a possibility with brain tumours) and Warfarin to thin the blood to prevent pulmonary embolisms, another potential side effect of lung tumours.  Cortisones do work and I’m given them occasionally but I hate them passionately…..

These are the supplements I’m taking looks like for long term:

  • Diacom immune booster, Diacom detox and Diacom parasites twice daily
  • Iodine from Medicolab
  • Vitamin D3 5000 from Xymogen
  • Omegas 3,6,9 from The Real Thing twice daily
  • Panaxea A1 Mark 11 tea especially for cancer twice daily
  • Nutrilite Double X vitamins twice daily
  • Bio Curcumin twice daily

I also drink a cup of Chaga mushroom tea every day.

I’ve been taking cannabis oil since my diagnosis. I find some very potent and I can only manage a line equal to a large grain of rice, nightly before bed. I’m trying different suppliers.  My oncologist feels it has benefits for people suffering side effects from chemo.  I’m not receiving chemo right now but I’m taking it purely because I believe it has medicinal/healing properties.  There are efforts being made in South Africa to legalise cannabis for medicinal properties.


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