My sincere thanks

There are so many people I have to thank for standing by me, supporting and helping me since my diagnosis.

  • My mum who has turned her house upside down to accommodate me and who drives me all over in her car and visits me every day when I’m in hospital
  • My daughters: Bianca for taking control, coming to visit every day and Michaela for working on my health and my mind.  I can feel their unlimited love
  • Nigel for always visiting in hospital and standing by Bianca
  • My sisters for visiting, bringing gifts, caring, advice and hospital visits
  • Friends and family: Ida, Johanna, Johan, my mum’s friends and many more people
  • Work colleagues, all your individual messages and the flowers I received were very touching and much appreciated
  • Carola for the unsuspecting “hi” messages with Bjorn photos attached
  • Heather, for the lovely home cooked meals I received in hospital
  • Margaret, my friend from years ago who helped me to offload and kept me sane all the way from the UK
  • Gabriel, for referring me to Dr Spies
  • Arie, for supporting and pulling the girls closer
  • Ilene and Maria for helping to pack up my house
  • Dorothy for taking Mushee
  • For those I did not specifically mention here, I appreciate everyone’s contribution and concern.

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