The interesting fact about STRESS is that it causes the body to release CORTISOL (a steroid hormone) which turns to glucose (sugar). So even a bit of stress will add inches around the waste!  Often people who live high stress lives/careers battle to lose weight.  The weight is unimportant to me but I need to remain low stress because my treatment plan is based on the concept that sugar is a cancer fuel. 

So whether I receive sugars from stress or food, I need to cut down.

Here are some resources that show the different sides of the “Is sugar causing cancer” debate with regard our food intake.

Oncology nutrition (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Cancer’s Sweet Tooth (Nutrition Science News)

How cancer cells rewire their metabolism to survive (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute)

To eliminate sugar completely, to include some good sugars like fruit in the diet, to relent to our normal sinful sugars like Coca Cola, wine gums and chocolate cake; those are the choices faced by cancer patients.  But either way, I think we’re all agreed now (internationally), that too much sugar is just not good for the body, so I’m happy with the choice I made to follow a sugar/carb free diet on a day to day basis and to allow myself a weekly treat, e.g. an ice cream, chocochino or restaurant lunch. The weekly treat is seldom skipped…



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