Well the hair loss was excessive, almost overnight I lost all my hair due to the full head radiation and I wear a wig or a headscarf, but I’ve been advised by Naomi to rather shave it all off and start with a clean slate, which I what I did yesterday.  Had it all shaved off by a hairdresser.

Well the photo isn’t going on the blog but the hairdresser said I’ve got a nicely shaped head (I heard that one before from another hairdresser, can’t believe that’s something people take note of!) and my family seem to think I can carry it off.  But no, I’m not into becoming a poster-girl for cancer, I feel more comfortable with a wig or headscarf.

Funny but it feels quite liberating not having to worry about hair, brushing it, needing a brush, shampoo or anything. Just to stand under the shower and let water run over your head.  It is cold not having hair, that’s one thing I noticed. I rub on coconut oil because I feel it might promote growth.  At least now it should all grow out at once and even. But colour and texture might change, that I also heard. That I may end up with a curly head as opposed to straight – that I’ll have to wait and see. Surprise surprise.

One weird thing, putting my head down on a pillow is quite sore with the stubble coming out, if they don’t get smoothed in the right direction, it can be quite painful. This is not something I anticipated or thought about at all.


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