Nail diagnosis

Something weird I just remembered is how the pulmonologist who diagnosed me grabbed my hand to look at my nails to get affirmation of the diagnosis!

I’ve always had curved nails but didn’t know that that is an indicator of lung cancer or lung problems. Now that I’m reading up about it I see there are various medical sites that explain the medical conditions associated with various nail issues like white lines, grooves, loose nails etc.

The following article appeared in the Daily Express:

Nails can provide GPs with vital clues to what may be happening elsewhere in the body, pointing to everything from lung disease to anaemia.

Club-shaped nails
Could mean: lung cancer

If fingernails are “dome” shaped and your fingers resemble clubs, it could be a warning sign of serious diseases such as lung cancer. In fact, it is one of the first things medical students are told to look for.

Or on this homeopathy website:

Nails curve around your fingertips, more convex. Caused by enlargement in connective tissue as compensation for a chronic lack of oxygen. e.g. severe emphysema. Lung disease is present in 80 percent of people who have clubbed fingers.

If only I knew…… ignorance is not always a good thing. And no doctor has ever examined my nails.



2 thoughts on “Nail diagnosis

  1. No don’t be sad – I’m not 🙂 Really. For me it’s just part of my life, I’m so “over it”. I just carry on as normal. I always think it could have been worse. It doesn’t feel like anything is wrong with me right now. Of course I’m not going to go mountain climbing or jumping out of aircraft lol but on a a day-to-day basis I’m really doing fine. I probably would have felt the same as you if it had happened to a friend of mine but really, don’t feel bad for me, I’ve had enough time to get used to it and to accept and move on and I’ve gotten used to my “new life”. xxx


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