We’re taking dietary advice from most obese nation in the world – Noakes

2016-02-12 13:39

“Something happened in 1977 to cause the increased obesity to occur. The Americans told people to consume more carbohydrates.”

Since the rise in obesity rates, cancer had also followed suit, he claimed.


Photo taken today 12/2/2016.  I haven’t been eating right since I went back on cortisone (too much sugar and carbs e.g. hot X buns) and after a while it catches up with me, like today I’ve been very wheezy and out of breath. Monday 15 February will be my last cortisone day and thereafter I must get my diet back on track – vegetables, salads, yoghurt. No carbs, no sugar.

I would be very interested to know if anyone has been cured of cancer / or is in remission without a change in diet?  Will ask the question next time I see my oncologist.



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