Unanswered questions

In my situation I’m always drawn to other people’s stories and how cancer panned out for them versus my own situation, so I was moved this morning to read about Riana van Niekerk, a top marathon athlete (e.g. three times gold medal Comrades winner), who passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 39 over the weekend. She completed 6 months of chemo which was unsuccessful and she was bound to start another course of chemo. She was diagnosed in May last year, I was diagnosed in June.  According to her husband, she suffered terribly these past months, up to the point where he says he’s glad her suffering is over (Netwerk24 article).  She must have eaten right because she’s an athlete and was MUCH fitter than me and she’s much younger. She had terminal cancer, so do I. Her husband says she had long term goals that she wanted to achieve – so do I.  I’m fortunate that my life continues as normal and that I feel fine but yet I battle to understand why?


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