Looking at it again

I queried some findings on my scan with my oncologist today and it seems they suspect the cancer may have spread to my spine. The doctor therefore recommended chemo after this course of radiation.  I agreed to it, after putting it off for so long. The scan also showed many other back problems that are unrelated to cancer but which is causing me a lot of ongoing pain, e.g. wedge compression fractures and sclerosis.  So together all of this going on in my spine is not so pleasant. So the first thing I do when selecting a restaurant (or any place really) is one with couches and soft cushions!


9 months later….

My lung scan shows activity again in my left lung, it seems the tumour has started up again or there is some adjacent activity.  But my right lung and chest area are clean.

I’ve been given a choice – another dose of radiation, much less than last time because I’ve almost reached the maximum allowable, or otherwise chemo.  There is a small chance of the chemo crossing over and positively affecting the brain tumours, therefore I chose to rather have more lung radiation, and to save the chemo as a last resort.

After this stint of radiation, that’s it for me, I apparently may not have more radiation – ever.  And the radiation may buy me another say 3 months or so of “good health”.

According to the doctor, he has not seen any difference between people who eat a normal healthy diet, and those who eat specific diets like my ketogenic diet, cutting out sugar and carbs. He said there is such a thing as “enjoyment of life”.  “If you eat sweet potatoes as part of a balanced diet, then please do so.”

I asked if a cancer like mine can go into remission, he said no, he’s never seen it.  Mine is terminal, unless there is a miracle. Chemo and radiation are only there to extend your life a little and to buy you a better quality life for a little longer.

My next goal is to celebrate my mum’s 81st birthday with the family – it will be her second birthday after my diagnosis, and thereafter let’s look forward to Christmas!