Looking at it again

I queried some findings on my scan with my oncologist today and it seems they suspect the cancer may have spread to my spine. The doctor therefore recommended chemo after this course of radiation.  I agreed to it, after putting it off for so long. The scan also showed many other back problems that are unrelated to cancer but which is causing me a lot of ongoing pain, e.g. wedge compression fractures and sclerosis.  So together all of this going on in my spine is not so pleasant. So the first thing I do when selecting a restaurant (or any place really) is one with couches and soft cushions!


3 thoughts on “Looking at it again

  1. Strongs so sorry to hear the latest news back pain is tough on top of everything else , my thoughts and prayers are with you . Here’s hoping the chemo has a drastic result Terry

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  2. Hi Caroline – How are you doing? Hope you are experiencing some relief after radiation. To me it seems an unbearable situation – cannot imagine what you are going through. I have been very fortunate – neck fusion of vertebrae 1 – 7 – no pain but I also become very tired in the middle of the day. One blessing is that I am very up-right – not by choice but pain free. I cannot bend down to pick up anything, going downstairs is a nightmare and so is driving. I think the driving is scary for other users on the road as I cannot turn my head to left or right but hopefully have not caused any major accidents that I know of. I am turning 70 on 9/4 – time has flown but so far happy to be at work at 07h30 and returning home by 17h30.

    Carol and Grant are very well and so are their two beautiful and very busy kids – Jenna now 10 and Blake 7. They are both sport “be-donnerd” but that is a blessing as kids today tend to keep themselves busy with so many other devious little habits. Chris and Everdine are also kept running and very happy – Chane is in matric and Ruan in grade 10 and Chane has to make up her mind about varsity for next year. I have a friend visiting me from the UK and we are having a lovely time together. He is a bit younger than I – very good indeed.

    Take care of yourself and give your mom and girls a hug from me!

    Lots of love


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