Songs and celebrations

Celebrations Since I last wrote, I celebrated my “1 year since diagnosis” on 11 June. I was initially given about 2 weeks to live without treatment so I can pat myself on the back for coming a long way!  Even my doctor said the other day how well I look compared to a year ago when they didn’t think I was going to pull through from the thrombosis and pneumonia. Very happy and blessed that I can still be there for Bianca & Michaela. And of course we celebrated my mum’s 81st birthday on 13 June where my ketogenic diet flew out the window for a few days…

And lastly…. songs  At chemo today at Panorama clinic we were serenaded by a man I didn’t know from Adam.  Afterwards I Googled him and found that he’s a famous Afrikaans singer called David Fourie (photo right)!  Sorry folks, my knowledge of Afrikaans music ended with Groep 2 se Paddas in the Vlei ah-ham in the 70’s! Apologies David, the ladies really enjoyed your show. Perhaps if I had my chemo OUTSIDE of the boerewors curtain I may have had a visit from Kahn Morbee (photo left) and chemo would have been much more Colourful for me!







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