15 Months later

As at 15 September 2016.  I had an MRI scan today that showed the following:

All the old tumours have disappeared but a new one (13 mm) started up (somewhere in the region of the left parietal lobe) and that’s what gave me problems last week. I’m on cortisone for 2 months to reduce it (brain is functioning correctly normal now) and the doctor has applied to the Medical Aid for brain radiation which will happen at the N1 City hospital. (They have different radiation machines at different hospitals. I have not been to N1 before.)  The doctor said 2 months’ cortisone will not affect me (e.g. gaining weight before summer!) He found it strange that I woke up like that (suddenly affected by the symptoms), because a brain tumour usually gives advance warning. There is a possibility that something like that could happen again unexpectedly but unlikely. I queried why the symptoms described by Dr Google were so different to mine and he explained that there are many areas of the parietal lobe and that they all respond differently.

(Mouse over the pics to see the captions.)

Left Lung
The original cancer tumour has shrunk further. He doctor said it’s due to chemo & radiation and laughed when I mentioned cannabis. Doctor claims cannabis can help for nausea (during chemo) and pain and that there is no proof of cannabis curing cancer. That is of course the medical view.

Right Lung
There is something but no evidence that it is cancerous. It remains stable and is probably cystic.

The “rotting” spine was caused by the chemotherapy treatment but I received bone strengthening medication intravenously as part of the chemo treatment (in the same drip), there is now evidence that areas of the spine have healed. I have felt pain free for the last couple of days and I was wondering why.

Abdomen All clear.

Afterwards I went to Pathcare to have a blood test to check blood levels. I’m still on Warfarin to prevent blood clots and the blood level has to be checked monthly. So I had two injections in one day! One on one arm (an iodine injection during radiation – awful stuff, makes you burn up from head to toe), the other on the other arm to draw blood.


As I say, one gets used to everything…..

From early morning I kept “seeding” (as per John Kehoe), by saying “My result will be excellent.” And it was. I’m happy. I believe that the power/energy created by the mind influences how the body responds.




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