My hair, my weight, my scans…


Here are some photos of my new hair (my head was shaven.) It’s still a bit batchy and I’m not sure of the colour or the effect of the scheduled radiation so I’m going to wait and see first before doing anything for summer.  But all I know is that any form of head covering is extremely hot even now and it’s not even summer!


I went to my Integrated Health Specialist on Monday 10 October and guess what – I gained 7 kg in a month from the cortisone!  He said not to worry about it too much because I’m retaining a lot of fluid from the cortisone.  I feel like an Oros man – swollen face, stomach, fingers and legs. There are other symptoms as well like redness in the face. I guess I’ll have to continue with the cortisone until we know the effect of the radiation (which is still to come.)

N1 City

My 11 October started off with an MRI scan at 08h00.


The MRI scan was incredible noisy.  I usually imagine myself on the beach but this was impossible.  It reminded me of sitting on the side of the road at Dimitri’s in RSE, waiting for my car to be fixed!  Clanging, grinding and banging.  That was the only image that crossed my mind.

I was then taken to have a mask made.  They shaped hot melted plastic around my face which cooled into a hard, unbending mask.  It was wonderful because it felt just like a facial, except the smell of chocolate was absent!

Thereafter, time for the CT scan, where I had dye injected into my arm. No big deal but I have to drink about 2 litres of water today to flush out all the chemicals.


And by 9.30am I was done.  The one thing that kept me going was my reward – was I going to order a img_0335-largecappucino or chocochino!

I’m meeting the oncologist in a week’s time to hear about next steps.




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