Slow as a slow steam train

colds-and-flu-clipart-hdi4cm-clipart I developed a bad head/chest cold about a week ago which is making breathing very difficult. It sounds like a wildbeest in my chest, now joke. The doctor feels it will get better as the cortisone decreases and I’m able to walk again. Since about October I gave up walking because it’s just too painful and difficult to move my legs.

Muscle weakness is one of the side effects of long term cortisone. I never knew how hard it could be to get off a toilet seat – especially in a public place – where one doesn’t have the bath on the one side and the shower on the other side to hold onto! Getting out of a car is another mission. Never mind if your car is parked on an uphill, I can’t get out at all….

The cortisone treatment will continue until Christmas and so far I have not lost weight, in fact I’ve gained another kilo, it must be about 11 kg by now.  (I get weighed once a month and have reduced my food intake and cut out many unhealthy items but so far I’m not having the benefit.)

I pretty much look like ol’ chubby cheeks here below…