Latest scan

I had a hectic day starting with a port flush at 09h00 and then a blood test and then to N1 City to get the sim card fixed for my new phone (my new phone is still not operator so I am phone-less at the moment).

I then had a CT scan and thereafter I saw the Oncologist.  The long and the short of it is that the left lung is filled with cancer (almost half a lung) plus the right lung plus the liver “is not looking nice.”

So now they’re going to put me on a new experimental product import from overseas, called Opdivo. Apparently it produces great results. I must pay a small fee to the Medical Control Council for an import fee, the rest will be paid by my medical. I will get injected every two weeks for 2 years.

I am being weaned off the cortisone over 4 weeks because I have to stop that before I start the Opdivo.  So as far as I’m concerned there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

But the doctor did say that walking will not help the lung so it will be a while before I put on my walking shoes again.  I hope all my other complaints will gradually improve, like climbing stairs and walking from a car to a shop, just a little walking!



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