Oh me oh my!

You probably tired of me with my dancing on and off with cortisone but on Sunday 11 December it happened that the family noticed me sleeping all day (“when is she taking her tablets then?”) Eventually my sis called my daughter Bianca to say “you better come look, something’s not right.”

As she walked in, Bianca heard me crying for help as I was lying in pain on the floor with my leg in a weird position under my bum. Two adults couldn’t lift me. Then they called a Sister from the sick bay and three people lift my up. There is a trick how to lift a dead weight believe me!  (I only learn all the stories afterwards – I knew nothing!)

Aw… awfulness, they had to wash me from head to toe in the bath and borrow a wheelchair from the sick bay to transfer me to the car and then to Emergency (which was very full – lesson “don’t get ill on a Sunday!”)

We waited for about 2 hours to see a doctor and still “I knew nothing”, a bit like Manuel!

The doctor asked me to do things like frown, which I eventually do, but I didn’t want to stop frowning. Then, after a long struggle, she asked me to stick out my tongue after a
long struggle, my tongue came out and remained stuck!  Bianca, my sister and the doctor just laughed and laughed!

To top it all I suddenly decided to get off and ripped off my wig and flew it flying off the floor which frightened two nurses to death because – I don’t know what they thought it was – perhaps a dead cat?  A dead rat??


I have recovered somewhat and am expected to be discharged today. How awful again all the bruises from the various drips I received; antibiotics, cortisone, anti-nausea, anti-seizure, blood thinning etc.

And here is Bianca after all the laughter in the Emergency laughter.

By the way I’m now 18 months after diagnoses for the first time!






4 thoughts on “Oh me oh my!

  1. AAAAHH NO. Shame you must have given your family the shock of their lives. Wow, what an experience. Thank goodness things have picked up a bit. Pith about all the bruising. Is your leg OK which folded in under you? Did you not sprain your ancle? Hope you will be home soon and spend a very special Christmas time with all your loved ones. Love to all. Xx


  2. Your bravery and your fortitude, backed up with a fine sense of humor is an inspiration, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  3. I always asked after you when Mina and I were together. Now that we no longer are I would like to ask you directly, are you well and when you are not, is there anything I can do make a difference? Incidentally, my life is about others and less about me!


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