My life has changed somewhat.  I am back in hospital since before Xmas because of swollen feet, knees and being out of breath. I have been assigned to a new oncology doctor because my regular doctors are on leave. She is very thorough and ordered another CT scan because she wants to get to the bottom of it because she doesn’t want me to be admitted again because I have now been re-admitted within weeks.

So she came to me yesterday to say that the CT scan shows that my lung supply has been blocked off by a blood clot and in fact there are several clots in the lungs. It can’t be worse. No point in bothering with a swollen knee, no matter if another blood clot runs to the lung, because the lung is already so full of blood clots. They can’t do nothing more. I can go today, tomorrow, in a week… they are keeping me in hospital, I won’t be going home. That is the end.

I get such good care in hospital, I’m much better off here than at home. The doctor assured me that I won’t be left to my own devices, they will still provide me with the best care.

I’ve had visits from all the family and they are happy that I’ve managed to defy the odds and have lived an extra 1.5 years from diagnose. All my affairs are in order and I’m ready to my return to my real home, but the doctor shook hands with me and said if I can prove her wrong she’ll be clapping hands. So I changed me attitude to one of positiveness and resumed my physio exercises because I don’t believe in lying down and giving up. I feel upbeat and trying to live my life as normal, albeit within a hospital bed. I breath freely, I’m not in pain. I’m having a jol on YouTube on the hospital’s WiFi and I have enough Soduko books for a lifetime!

Under the circumstance I ask for visits from family only. Once again, thank you for your love and support.


4 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Caroline, just KNOW you are a beautiful, amazing woman, Mom and friend! Thank-you for being you, an inspiration so positive that words cannot describe just how precious you are … but I can try… I know that you are SO LOVED …so very much by all who know you, know that I am so privileged to have worked with you at Fynbloem, know that Fynbloem would not have been where they are today without your commitment! You have been so supportive of me and others, we are so blessed to know you! God loves you Caroline, He can do miracles, Jesus took all our illnesses, weaknesses and sin upon His shoulders, and though we may go through huge trials…. I can’t even begin to imagine how huge this season is for you!!!! Please, simply (like a child) believe that God loves you so much and that He gave His only son for you ….for all of us,,,, we can experience a peace that truly goes beyond all understanding – no matter what! And God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow… He still does miracles, He can heal!! I’m sharing my faith with you because I’ve seen The Lord’s faithfulness so many times throughout my life … God’s promises are REAL!
    Sending loads and loads of love ❤️


  2. Hi Caroline. Sorry to hear about the setback but like Lisa said, we know He can touch you and restore your health should that be what He wants, and if not, nothing can be better than going home to Him. Its a huge blessing that you arent suffering too much which Im real thankful for and that you are getting such good care. You go girl and let God take care of the rest. His will be done. Stay upbeat, you’re so strong and such a example. Thinking and praying for you. Lots of love. Lydia (Vreulink)


  3. Hi Caroline, dink so baie aan jou & jou mammie & dogters en wat jul als moet verwerk. Wees verseker jy verryk almal wat jou ken se lewens met jou hantereing van, en uitkyk op die lewe! Liefdegroete, Mariki

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