Brain Soup


On Wednesday 7 Sept 2016 about 4.30am I woke up totally confused, spoke in bubbles and tried to indicate to mum & sister in house as to my situation and I eventually opened the front door pretty naked to explain my situation. They eventually caught on that this woman is slightly mad!

My sister dressed me (back in pajamas!) and mum and sister took me straight to emergency at Panorama.

They took me to be scanned twice. My daughter Bianca & Nige arrived. I was so glad to see her.  I cannot remember much of the evening. I was informed afterwards. The scan showed a tumour in my left parietal lobe above the ear.

Dr Google describes different symptoms to mine. I up to today (9 Sep.) couldn’t remember the name of the street I live in, or the complex, or to switch on the TV. Battle with writing/typing, comprehending. I still see visions that do not exist, hear voices and have blurred vision. One gets used to everything. In the past, before I got diagnosed, I heard the most unusual music in my head which I quite enjoyed, but unfortunately it didn’t ring any bells – not enough for me to investigate why all of a sudden I’m hearing twiddles.

In hospital they put me on a high dose of cortisone on a drip and I get better every day. I’m still on cortisone for +- 3 weeks (at home) and then a retest. If it has shrunk, they will radiate the spot.


The worst was being in hospital without memory and no phone or laptop, I felt so lost! Eventually on the following day I got permission from the doctor that I could slip out for an hour to go home to pack. One of the nurses accompanied me. I live 10 mins from Panorama and I was much better by then. Every morning in hospital I went walking for 10 – 20 minutes (wearing out their passage!) with nurses running after me to try to stop me but only the last day they realised I can walk.

The previous weekend I went walking for about 30 minutes fast in Boschenmeer – I thought I was doing a roundabout but then I was told “no we must retrace our steps!” I handled it well – no huffing and puffing. I always keep my mouth closed when I walk.

On 15 Sept I’m having further scans – lungs and spine. Not looking forward to drinking two large bottles Barium.  Thereafter seeing Oncologist.  Doing INR on the same day – blood test to check level.  Blood must be at a certain level to prevent blood clots. I’m not phased by these tests anymore, I just take them in my stride and relax. Bit of mind control.



My Mantras, every day, twice a day:
Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.
I’m in perfect healthy.
I’m the miracle, I survived cancer.

The book Mind Power by John Kehoe is really highly recommended.

I will update the blog after my next scan.





My new mantra

Lung radiation starts Monday 11 April for 8 days.  According to my oncologist, I should not experience side effects and each session is a quick 15 minutes from start to finish.

I learnt the above affirmation from Emile Coue by reading Mind Power by John Kehoe, a very powerful book.

Besides my painful back (round about the shoulder blades), I have no complaints and can function as normal.  Hope to post more photos as I get going with radiation and chemo.


Mantras for January

I’ve learnt to make a note of the mantras Dr Spies’s report produces.  I copy them to myself via email and try to read them once a day.  Here are my mantras for January:

My brain is healthy. It is able to control all bodily functions properly at all times and to process the information received from the sensory organs quickly, thoroughly and adequately. My memory is very good, as well as my intellectual grasp. I can orientate myself well. Thinking and speaking come easy to me. 
2nd Chakra: The past is always in the past. From today I live only in the present.
My lungs are healthy. Breathing in and out are in optimum balance on the physical level, just as giving and taking on the psychic level. I am happy and in a good mood. I am free, I breathe freely and take in air all the time. I have faith in my life. I can isolate myself where necessary, and am open to contacts. The causal mental / psychic subject has been resolved. All is well