I’m fortunate in that I still have a reasonably priced hospital plan which allows me to receive almost-free medical assistance at the Panorama hospital. There might be a hundred here and there in excess of a rate, but not much. It seldom happens. (The first R500 of an Emergency room visit is also never covered, that I learnt.) So the formal treatments I receive there are paid for (e.g. oncology doctor’s visits, radiology) but not Dr Spies, who is considered alternative and not part of the mainstream medical protocols for cancer.  I have to budget monthly about R5000 for each visit, which includes tests and medications/supplements (which I believe are going to get more expensive in 2016 because of the poor exchange rate).  The portable oxygen machine has at last come to an end so I have some relief.  Dentists and other out-of-hospital expenses that have nothing to do with cancer, are not covered by my hospital plan.


I’ve completely reinvented my life and expenses have been cut back to the bone.  I simply don’t have expenses other than medical, cellphone account and internet.  I don’t smoke, drink, socialise where I have to spend money, shop for pleasure or even scan advertisements anymore. Membership of Groupon has been cancelled! Facials…. hmmm, does it really matter??

Below is a photo of my mum and sister taken in Greyton, near where I used to live. Translated, the message means “generated in power”.  My interpretation: we’re still standing and will continue to do so because as a family we’re resilient and have overcome many obstacles in the past.  Somehow, a higher being is making provision for us…..