Soon after diagnosis, from my new diet that now included plenty nuts, I broke two teeth located next to each other but because I felt so awful and was too scared what would happen if the dentist had to drill with my tumour head, I only had the worst filed off so as not to cut my tongue.

When I got to Dr Spies, he examined my tongue and teeth and told me immediately to have those teeth repaired or extracted because “you don’t need your body to fight infection on a different front.”

The dentist I went to didn’t want to do the job because of me being on blood thinners, and referred me to a dental surgeon, who did the extractions.  It was much better than expected, there were no cracking noises reverberating through my head. I must say Dr Albert van der Westhuijzen is damned good.

Soon thereafter I broke another tooth (on a chicken bone) and now another (soft sugar free chewing gum).  Luckily the dentist has so far managed to fix all these breakages without injections or too much drilling.  She did tell me the funny thing is that these things happen in series. It’s usually not just one tooth but they all seem to go in quick succession, which seems very true in my case!  I may as well buy shares in the business, this is crazy….

Dr Spies referred me to a biological dentist because he would like me to get rid of all the old fillings in my mouth that are no longer safe and releasing toxins into the body.  Two dentists have disagreed and told me that it often causes more problems.  Because I’m not fond of sitting in a dentist chair and because of the cost involved, I won’t be pursuing the idea of removing all my old fillings.